Our love for the ingredients

At Cure♡Hearts, our rice is a daily promise of freshness. In collaboration with the devoted folks of Yanxia, we bring you not just the most vibrant rice but also a warm embrace of Eastern hospitality.

Embracing the spirit of "Welcoming you home," we prepare each grain with the care and affection you'd find in a meal cooked lovingly at home. Our maids, embodying this heartfelt welcome, ensure every dish serves as a comforting reminder of the joys of home-cooked warmth.

At Cure♡Hearts, our coffee is a pure blend, crafted exclusively from Il Mheg beans roasted to their peak of perfection.

Through our meticulous preparation, we've elevated the aroma and depth of our coffee to unparalleled heights, ensuring each sip delivers that exquisite, beautiful coffee flavor.

Our signature sauce, perfected through time, masterfully combines with eggs and rice to create an impeccable harmony of flavors.

Crafted with the highest care, it's designed to delight your taste buds from the very first moment.

Our love for the taste

Cure♡Hearts' signature Omurice is a timeless delight, crafted to enchant taste buds across all generations.

Its universal appeal promises to light up faces with joy, no matter the age.

Crafted fresh at the moment of your order, we dedicate ourselves tirelessly to ensure our food earns the title of "most delicious" in the eyes of our esteemed masters and mistresses.

Employing top-notch equipment and undergoing rigorous training, our commitment is to deliver unparalleled culinary excellence.

Our love for service

At Cure♡Hearts, our maids are dedicated to making sure every new master and mistress enjoys a delightful experience.

The heart of our fun is found in "collaborative entertainment," where we aim to offer you a chance for self-discovery or a cozy nook to relax and unwind.

At our café, the paramount priorities are "food safety" and "cleanliness."

We attentively heed the preferences and feedback of our masters, continuously refining our menu to elevate your dining experience.