Meal Menu - 20,000 Gil


Oh no Master, it's not what you think! >///<


The classic, want something written?

A spell to make it taste better?

We'll be delighted to do it for you!

Royal Eggs

You say muffin with salmon that also has eggs with 'cream' inside?

It's not what you think!

It's a butter and egg yolk mix you lewd Master!

Scallop Curry

For those who want the taste of the sea mixed into their curry.

Caught from the nearby waters of Shirogane, guaranteed fresh and served by a lovely maid

Dessert Menu - 20,000 Gil

Apple Tart

An Apple Tart a day keeps the healers at bay..

So as they say, no apples were wasted while making this a-peel-ling dish


Can you make a cheesecake more cheesier?

Or does Master's charms add more to the cheesiness?

Honey Croissant

Made by the finest culinary maids in Shirogane.

Want a mix of bread and sweetness?

Come honey, get your croissant

Drinks Menu - 15,000 Gil


A cultured drink for a cultured master~


A drink for a classy master, who has a penchant for the finer things

Hot Chocolate

A sweet blend of cocoa and milk for a sweetheart master such as you~

Apple Juice

A kids drink you say?

A drink for masters who care more about their health and the health of the people around them

Frozen Spirits

Not entirely strong but the punch is still there!

Careful though, you don't want to anger the headmistress!